Combat Drills

An axiom often said by warriors preparing for combat is: “Train hard; fight easy.” Nowhere is this saying truer than in vampire combat.   The harder you prepare for such an engagement in your training sessions, the better you will fare when facing an actual member of the undead. Beyond physical conditioning and techniques, one of the best ways to prepare for an undead engagement is the use of specific combat drills and simulations.

Different from conditioning and technique training, combat drilling acclimates your body to specific battle scenarios and can also help boost your confidence level through repetition.  Combat drills are also designed to place you in an unorthodox and uncomfortable situation, modeling a situation that may occur during an actual vampire engagement, but in a safe environment.

As these drills are used to simulate actual vampire combat, you will need the use of a training partner who is willing to play the adversarial undead role. Do not take partner selection lightly, as it will largely dictate the success or failure of your drilling sessions. Be certain to choose a partner who views vampire combat training as seriously as you do. At the same time, be clear at the outset of the exercise what level of exertion should the drill be conducted; an overzealous training partner may end up injuring you in the process, which will hinder your training and leave you even more vulnerable than if you had not trained at all.

As with any sparring session, start slowly and carefully when attempting these drills for the first time, and operate at 25 percent of your maximum speed and power. As you and your partner grow adept at the various scenarios, increase  your physical variables gradually until you are operating at full speed and power.