Combat Exercises

A pervasive myth about physical fitness is that elaborate machines and expensive facilities are required to develop a healthy physique. In fact, most individuals can achieve outstanding results simply by utilizing exercises that were learned in grade school. There is a reason why despite a plethora of convoluted and obscure training methods that emerge year after year, basic calisthenics exercises are still used as a part of the training regimens of professional athletes, soldiers, and fighters.

Push-ups, pull-ups, squats, crunches, and jumping jacks all are exercises that require no equipment other than one’s own body weight and can produce a combat-ready physique, particularly for those who are new to conditioning or have not maintained a regular exercise routine. It is no coincidence that most military forces around the world focus on calisthenics to mold average civilians into a hardened fighting force.  A simple circuit of calisthenics, performed one after the other with little rest between movements can be an excellent starting point for the unconditioned vampire combatant.

Due to the familiarity most individuals have with these common exercises, we will not delve into the basic instructions required for each of these movements. However, there are three key points worth noting when performing a routine based on calisthenics:

1. Push Your Body—When performing exercises that utilize gravity and your body weight as the oppositional forces, it is easy to lull yourself into a lackadaisical routine. It should go without saying that the amount of effort you apply to each activity is directly correlated to the benefit gained from the exercise.  When executing each individual movement, perform an appropriate number of repetitions where the final few are near impossible to complete.

2. Move with Purpose—always keep in mind that you are training with a very specific objective—to save your own life in the small window of opportunity available during a vampire attack. Move with haste between each exercise, and execute each movement focusing on your ultimate intention: to survive.

3. Visualize Your Battle—It is easy to become distracted while performing any exercise routine, calisthenics in particular. You may have witnessed this yourself—an individual in the gym with good intentions, roaming about from machine to machine like a mindless zombie. In order to help retain your focus and attention span, visualize the relevance of your exercises to vampire combat. A push-up is no longer a push-up, but rather a means of keeping gnashing fangs a safe distance away. Not only does this help maintain your focus; it also can calm your senses in an actual combat setting, having already addressed the possible scenario successfully in your mind. Although we are discussing visualization in this particular section on calisthenics, it is a technique that should be employed in all the exercises covered.