Melee Weapons

At melee range, you are severely hampered in your ability to terminate your opponent due to its limited vulnerabilities. At this distance, one of the most effective weapons at your disposal is a bladed implement.  When it comes to vampire combat, all edged weapons are not created equal. The type of blade available should dictate your method of attack. The converse also holds true; should you find yourself adept at a particular type of offensive technique, ensure that you have a weapon better suited to your style at the ready.  Given the wide variety of edged weapons available, we have classified the various types of bladed armaments into three distinct categories:

Heavy Blades—Weapons within this class are defined by their wide, substantial striking faces, and includes armaments such as battle-axes and halberds, and improvised weapons such as fire axes and camp hatchets.

Long Blades—Edged weapons in the long blade class include all sword types, such as broadswords, katanas, and claymores. Of our three blade classes, this one is the most adaptable, as it is capable of both a decapitation strike as well as a dismembering blow.

Melee Blades—Bladed arms in this class comprise weapons with shorter edges, roughly twelve to twenty inches in length, and include such weapons as the machete, barong, and kukri blade