The Crossguard

When engaged with a member of the undead, one of three primary regions targeted on your torso is the neck area, specifically one of your carotid arteries that run the length of either side of your throat.  By utilizing a blocking maneuver known as the Crossguard, you can shield this region from your opponent’s snapping fangs.

Raise your arms toward your chest, and cross your wrists at your throat. Place the backs of your hands directly against the sides of your neck, with your palms open and facing outward. Keep your elbows and forearms tight against your chest as you guard your open neck with both hands.

The reason for crossing your arms and guarding your neck with the opposite hands rather than simply cupping your hands over your own neck is so that you can fend off any oncoming attacks by pushing away with your palms.  Cupping your own neck with your hands also leaves you open to a vampire covering your hands with its claws and strangling you with your own fingers.

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