Multiple Attackers

Facing off with a single member of the undead is demanding enough, imagine the difficulty in confronting multiple vampires simultaneously. Due to the physical superiority of the creature, battling a single bloodsucker can drain even the fittest of human combatants; multiply your opponents by a factor of two or three, and you have a situation that leaves you little room for error. Much like unarmed vampire combat, there is a strong likelihood that you may not survive when confronted alone by multiple vampire attackers.

All hope, however, is not lost. Should you find yourself in the extremely precarious situation of confronting multiple vampires, use the following strategies to help you survive to see another sunrise.

Avoid the Envelope — What often occurs in a multiple-attacker engagement is that your adversaries will attempt to “close the envelope,” or execute a flanking maneuver trapping you in between attackers with no hope of escape. It is vital to keep moving during your engagement, and avoid being stationary for any length of time. Due to their agility, vampires can execute a flanking attack before the human even recognizes what is happening. You keep your body active and mobile at all times.

Do the Minimum — Your primary goal when confronted by more than a single vampire is not to neutralize your attacker. While there are skilled combatants who can dispatch an opponent before the other attackers converge, most individuals will not have such combat proficiency. What often occurs in multi-combatant scenarios is that while you are delivering your finishing blow to one opponent, the remaining will use that opportunity to launch their offensive, sacrificing their companion for the sake of the hunt. It may sound counterintuitive, but your objective should be to address each threat with the minimum amount of force required for you to make your escape. Being obsessive about neutralizing a single vampire may cause you to spend an inordinate amount of time with one contender, leaving you open to the remaining attackers.

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