Offensive Tactics

An intelligent warrior once said, “The best defense is a good offense.” In vampire combat, it is critical that you take these words to heart, as you will need to have an effective attack strategy to end an undead engagement. It is a sad fact that the longer you remain engaged with a vampire in hand-to-hand combat, the less likely it is you will survive. Once engaged, your goal should always be to end the battle as soon as possible before you expend all of your energy, because there is no question that you will tire before your opponent.

One of the most challenging aspects of vampire combat is that it often is a contradiction of intentions—you must keep your certain defensive areas away from your opponent, but also draw close enough to attack its vulnerabilities; you must protect yourself against the vampire’s bite, but you must also pull it into you so that you can launch a counterattack of your own. It is due to these contradictions that strategy, tactics, and proper technique are so essential to emerging successful and alive from a vampire engagement.

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