Garlic is one of the few naturally grown substances that produces an extreme adverse reaction in the undead species. Inexpensive and readily available, garlic can be incorporated into your vampire arsenal in a variety of ways and can be a powerful ally in your battle against a bloodthirsty ghoul. While it is unlikely that the cloves of the plant can be leveraged to completely eliminate your opponent, garlic can be used as a strong deterrent against an attacking vampire, provided it is used properly.

In addition to being cheap and plentiful, garlic has the advantage of being malleable both under normal use and within the context of vampire defense. It can be mashed, chopped, and combined with other elements to expand its deterrent properties to devastating effect. There are some recommended principles governing the use of garlic in order to maximize its effectiveness in vampire combat:

Use Fresh Cloves — Given their portability, convenience, and availability, you may be tempted to use dried powder or flakes in place of the raw product. Do not succumb to this temptation. Dried garlic produces only a mildly irritating effect on your undead opponent compared to the fresh plant, and most dried products were produced in a factory setting some time ago; with each passing day, this dehydrated version loses its already compromised potency. If anything, use of garlic in dessicated form against your adversary will serve no purpose other than to enrage it, making it a more threatening opponent.

Separate and Peel— Although a whole head of garlic can serve to dissuade your vampiric attacker, a much more effective use is to separate the head into its individual cloves. When exposed to the air, peeled garlic cloves have a much stronger effect than those still encased in the layers of its parchment-like skin. Once split and peeled, garlic cloves have much more flexibility in their use, one of which is stringing them together to create a garland.