Psychological Preparation

While your primary focus should be to prepare physically for an impending vampire attack, your opponent may also wage an intense psychological battle during your engagement. This is particularly true if the creature is a member of the Seducer vampire sect, feels at risk of being defeated, or simply looks to entertain itself by manipulating its opponent prior to finishing its attack, much like a feline will toy with its prey prior to killing it.

As intense as a physical confrontation can be against the undead, a mental assault can be just as traumatic.  Members of the undead who are adept at using psychological tactics against their opponent often spend decades researching, studying, and analyzing the human psyche in order to find the optimal way to subdue their victim merely by conversing with them. Many will employ techniques used by the medical community, such as psychotherapy, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), and psychiatric training in order to achieve their objective. Some will go to great lengths to gain advanced proficiency in these skills, obtaining doctorate-level educations in these fields simply to become expert manipulators of the human condition.  Just as you need to condition your body to withstand a vampire’s physical assault, you must steel your mind in order not to fall victim to its cerebral attack. Following are recommendations to prepare your mental state prior to and during an undead engagement.

  • Trust Your Instincts — a difficult aspect of mentally preparing for a vampire attack is the fact that you could live your entire life without encountering one.  It is imperative, however, that you maintain an awareness of your surroundings, operating under the probability that you may someday be attacked. This low level of readiness can enhance your instincts in recognizing a potentially hazardous situation in advance. Should your instincts signal that a setting feels perilous for no apparent reason, take note. You may also experience moments throughout life where you feel the eyes of some unknown and unseen entity upon you. Although there are detractors of the “staring effect” and research continues into this phenomenon, some believe that human beings can tap into something akin to a sixth sensation of being observed. This sensation seems to grow particularly acute if the staring entity has negative or violent intentions associated with its gaze. While this phenomenon is yet to be confirmed by the scientific community, err on the side of caution and take heed of these feelings should you experience them.
  • Do Not Speak— Should you find yourself in the midst of a vampire attack, do not attempt to engage your opponent in any type of conversation or discourse. Remember that despite its humanoid appearance, the vampire’s intentions are focused solely on obtaining nourishment; any attempt to converse with your adversary provides it an opportunity to launch a psychological assault in the hopes of achieving its objective. The temptation to speak to a member of the undead is difficult to resist for many, as curiosity often trumps common sense. Individuals with higher intelligence or impressive educational pedigrees may also feel capable of handling themselves against what they may feel is an equal or inferior intellect. Do not fall into this trap. Regardless of how bright or clever you believe yourself to be, verbally engaging an attacking vampire only works in your opponent’s favor.
  • Do Not Listen — As important as it is to avoid speaking directly to your undead opponent, disregarding any communication coming from the vampire during combat is just as critical. A vampire will often attempt a psychological attack should the tide of battle begin to turn. Hence, if a vampire tries to coerce you into conversation, it is likely that it feels in danger to your attack. However, the psychological onslaught from the creature  can be as powerful as its bodily assault. A vampire will compliment, cajole, insult, and manipulate you in order to draw you into a verbal joust, and its ability to do so is extraordinarily seducing. You must not pay attention to any of the creature’s statements or inquiries, and absolutely do not reveal any personal details to your opponent. This is especially true if your adversary is someone you knew previously in their human existence. There is no doubt that the creature will use this past knowledge to take advantage of the situation. A seemingly inconsequential detail in a human conversation can provide an opening that a vampire can use to psychologically overpower its target without lifting an undead finger.