Team-based Combat


It’s important to emphasize that the information provided throughout this site should not be construed as a “vampire hunter’s guide.” Beyond the reasoning previously made for this distinction, there is the inherent meaning to the word “hunt.” Hunting has been performed by cultures around the world for one of two purposes: for sport or for food. Neither of these purposes has relevancy when engaging a member of the undead in combat. Some may consider this a semantic point, but we must not make light of the seriousness of engaging with this creature; nor should we take an air of superiority, even after extensive vampire combat training. It is precisely when we underestimate our opponent that we will fall victim to its lethal embrace.

We recognize, however, the fact that there may be circumstances when you will need to seek out and destroy a vampire in your midst. Perhaps a creature is conducting relentless incursions on your town or city. Perhaps it is targeting your family. Whatever the reason, should you need to proactively locate and exterminate a vampire with extreme prejudice, the best method to do so would be to recruit a team of individuals to assist you in your task. With several individuals acting as one against a single vampire, there is an excellent chance for a successful outcome.

Team Assembly

It is without question that vampire extermination should be a team-based effort. The only reason to engage in one-on-one combat with a vampire is if you have no other choice. As you are proactively targeting a vampire for extermination, it is in your best interests to do so with several trusted and skilled operators who can provide support and assistance.

How many combatants will you require? While any number greater than one is beneficial, a team of three or four operators can work quite effectively, each member being tasked with a specific objective. Although having a great number of operators can help accomplish your objective more efficiently, a much larger team should be divided into smaller tactical groups, with each group operating as a single, cohesive unit and each member assigned a specific role.

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